March 10- My first letter to Xiaotong

Dear Xiao-

The first time I saw your face, I wanted you to become my daughter and part of our family. It may be hard for you to understand how someone can feel this from looking at a photo. Or how a person can feel so much love for you before ever meeting you face to face. This is how my love for your two sisters started. It is a very deep love that must survive many difficulties. It is a love that sometimes endures months and years of waiting to finally hold you for the first time.

My love for you comes from a mother’s heart who wants to protect you, give you joy, and security. It is a special love just for you. I know you have had the care of wonderful nannies. And you have many sisters and brothers. It will be very sad for you to leave them. But I promise you, your new family -your two sisters, your Baba, and your MaMa -will do everything we can to fill your heart with happiness and love, and chase the sadness away.

We love you and cannot wait to meet you and bring you home.



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