Meeting our Destiny

So here we sit on the 19th floor of the Holiday Inn in Hefei. There is an amazing storm outside- the rain pelting the window and wind whistling like a Nor’easter. My favorite kind of weather. And what an apt meteorological portrayal of the eight months that have brought us to this place.

It is tough to describe what is going through my mind right now. Many of you understand this- having been here. Some of you will know it soon, but it is never soon enough is it?! I feeling surprising calm. I guess it is because of all I have endured to get here. I have know idea what tomorrow will hold. This is completely different than Maggie or Alana’s family day for obvious reasons. This is a 13 year old who has formed much more solid attachments and has only know one world for 13 years. It is a world about as foreign as possible compared to ours. Even more than the other two.

There are the huge questions- will she bond with us easily? Will she be resentful, angry, grief-stricken to the point the next few days are misery for all of us? I expect these emotions from her. She has a right to them. But we expected the same from Maggie and Alana and God was soooo good to us. Both girls bonded with me instantly. We had none of the issues we hand been expecting. I know the power of prayer made this happen. I know the power of all of my faithful, dear family and friends will work the same miracle tomorrow. No matter what confronts us, through the wonderful people who have supported us in every way possible, and now through the most critical way- prayer- we will be equipped to handle it.

Maggie is in the bathroom singing. A few minutes ago, while I was sitting here on the computer, I heard her say to herself–“Tomorrow we meet our destiny”.  quietly, to herself, words that absolutely blow me away. This is why I am here with a child we traveled to this country 8 years ago to bring home, and one year ago. Because He knew what they would bring to our life.

So remember us tomorrow at 9:30 when we meet our destiny.

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